Holiday Gift Guide: Your Tech-Loving Brother-in-Law

December 5, 2011

Does anyone else have a tech-loving brother-in-law? I love mine. Sometimes they’re hard to buy for though, right? My brother-in-law has a sharp eye for design, so whatever you get him better be attractive and thoughtfully designed. I thought this iPhone alarm clock was sleek and interesting, since we’re all fairly attached to our iPhones. This gorgeous messenger bag is particularly attractive. Or focus on his batch-pad apartment and go with a big, natural serving bowl or these bike glasses. How fun!

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PS – Don’t worry, Brett, I didn’t give it away! Your real gift isn’t on this list!

Update: Satchel & Page would like to offer The Curtis Casa readers $20 off any bag purchased this month! Use code “curtisholiday” – Head on over and check them out! Thanks, Satchel & Page!

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10 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Your Tech-Loving Brother-in-Law

  1. BCurtis

    As the brother-in-law in question, I can agree that all 4 of these gifts would be a nice touch so well done. I am going to do a guest post and probably add about 10 other things to this list as well, haha. Basically copy my pinterest pins on here. (Which is where I think you go the alarm clock from!) Looking forward the actual gift. Now if only someone would do a post on what to get that special blogger sister-in-law…

  2. thecurtiscasa

    Ha! My own gift guide is coming up soon, don’t worry :) And no, I didn’t even know that you pinned that same alarm clock!!


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