Colorful Flats

January 28, 2012

I noticed these great blue tipped flats on Design Darling last weekend, and then spotted a very similar Ann Taylor version. These would be super cute with all the colorful denim trends happening now. Splurge at Ann Taylor for $158 or steal the look at Old Navy for $22. I think there was a Kate Spade version as well, last spring, but I haven’t seen it lately. Now tell me, splurge or steal?

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4 thoughts on “Colorful Flats

  1. Elisabeth

    Ohh I love those! I’m going to have to say steal. Tough call because the snake print on the Ann Taylor pair is adorable, but you can’t beat $22.

    Once you choose, please post a full outfit :)

  2. Supal

    WHOA?! They’re the same!! Do the steal. I like to splurge on things that aren’t trendy. I won’t feel bad when t goes out of style. BUT AT shoes feel like you’re walking on clouds, that’s for sure. Happy Saturday, Whit!


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