Dresser Vignettes

January 16, 2012

We all love a good vignette, yes? Styling your dresser can make or break your bedroom, and if you don’t love it, it haunts you and stares at you daily until you get it just how you like it. A friend of mine emailed me because she’s currently in this situation, so I thought I’d pull together some inspirational photos to give her a jump start.
This first one actually feels a little cluttered, but overall it’s a great set up. The lamp is beautiful on its own, and stacked on the books is eye-catching. A tray to catch jewelry and sunglasses is a must.

Here’s an interesting one, but the principle is the same. One high object to direct your eye and some personalizing trinkets – but not too many.

This dresser might be my favorite, even though it’s not in a bedroom. The lamp, books, picture frame, flowers, perfect. Just add a tray for your jewels and that’s all you need!

Little Green Notebook

I saw this peaceful image this morning on my friend’s blog C&E, and I just had to add it to my round up. The two lamps are great, creating symmetry even though they’re not the same, bronze and white shades.

Chevrons & Eclairs

I love the smaller mirror leaning against the larger mirror here, as well as the tray and touch of flowers.

And finally here’s a stellar way to display a large perfume collection if you keep a lot of scents or if you keep the beautiful bottles once they’re empty.

Caitlin Wilson

Lauren, I hope you can find some inspiration in these images. Let us know how your dresser turns out!

3 thoughts on “Dresser Vignettes

  1. Supal

    I love the cake stand idea. Somewhere on pinterest I saw a DIY where you can add lace to the edges of the cakestand. It would be that added touch femininity if you’re going with a simple dresser.


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