Getting Organized: Favorite Notebooks on Etsy

January 7, 2012

A dear friend emailed me the other day asking if I’d seen any cute calendar/journal/to-do list keepers around the web. She wants to start 2012 off right by getting organized and keeping lists together. So I rounded up my favorite journals, notebooks and calendars on Etsy. 
Bri tweeted about these beautiful journals the other day from Julia Okstreva and I immediately bookmarked them. If I didn’t already have about 5 different journals and calendars, I’d totally get this pink and yellow one.

These right triangle notebooks from Heartfeltnotion are blank inside and therefore great for jotting down ideas and to do lists. It feels so good to keep it all in one place, and you can go back and see all the lists you’ve crossed off and give yourself a pat on the back!

I just thought these wig lady notebooks by mshoelace were hilarious when I spotted them. This is a smaller notebook and maybe better for grocery lists or an emergency paper stash in your purse, but I just thought the faces were so interesting!

These beautiful colorblock blue notebooks are customizable, and also from Julia Okstreva – your choice of grid, lined or blank paper. Perfect for any type of organizational task you choose.
And lastly, you know I couldn’t resist these little garden illustration notebooks, also from mshoelace. I like the fact that these notebooks are blank inside and are bound on top, I would feel kind of like a reporter using these. Well, a fancy reporter. 

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