Have a nice, rainy weekend.

January 21, 2012

It’s a slow and rainy one here this weekend. I don’t mind the slow, but I would like to see a little sunshine somewhere in the five days of rain. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we’ve been out in the backyard during the reprieves, tracking little animal footprints as we come back in to dry off and warm up. Here are a few fun things from around the web while we’re all cooped up inside.

A little something colorful.

What can lipstick, nail polish and women’s underwear tell us about the economy?

I am so inspired by Mackenzie. Blogging gal, writer extraordinaire, quit her 9-5, and is opening her own shop. Girl power!

Take a look at this garden slideshow and be inspired, Swedish Snapshots.

I put this tarte tatin on my Pie of the Month list. And then I remembered that I don’t actually live in Paris… Bummer.

My friends’ beautiful antique-store engagement session.

Fellow bloggers who have Alt envy, read over Victoria’s stellar Mini-Alt sessions from this week.

See you guys back here on Monday!

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