Izzy’s Lingerie Shower

January 6, 2012

Well folks, it went fabulously. Everything went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time – most importantly, the bride to be. I started setting everything up wayy in advance (tips from Mom coming up!) with the help of my super-smart-patter-planning Mom and sweet sister, Anna – so I know that helped give the day of an easy feel. 
I used all vintage linens that belonged to my grandmother, as well as fancy glass serving treys, silver cake stands and the like.
We set up a gift table in the sunroom and the food in the dining room. We ate to our fill and then played the obligatory wedding shower games – ask the couple to answer the same cute questions. I’m happy to say that Izzy and her fiance answered all the questions with the same answers and his answers made the whole room say “Awwwww….” Plus, he didn’t just write his answers, he video-ed himself answering them all and even staged a little acting scene with his little brother to answer the “favorite tv show” question. He acted out Law & Order. It was great.
Here comes one of my favorite parts of the day! Besides getting to see so many dear friends, of course. My Mom, Anna and I – and even Allen, actually – came up with this fun way to display the lingerie that Izzy received during the party. We rigged up some plastic chain and dowel rods in front of the sun-filled windows to show off all the prettiness! 
I’ll only show these two photos, (since lingerie gets a little bit racy!) but I will say it was a beautiful display. After we finished opening gifts, the girls all stood around admiring all the items and telling Izzy which was their favorite. It was a really fun way to view all the gifts! And there is the bride herself, off to the right.

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6 thoughts on “Izzy’s Lingerie Shower

  1. Shannon

    Aww Izzy! Looks like you threw a fabulous shower- I love the lingerie display! Can’t wait to see you at the wedding!

  2. Supal

    Great job Whit!! This looks like it was SO much fun… so sad I couldn’t help out, but you know I was there… in spirit… and eating everything :) haha


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