My 2012 Calendar

January 6, 2012

After considering lots of options, I finally decided on a calendar for 2012. I ordered this beauty from FineDayPress on Etsy the other night and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I love my calendars, and I always keep two updated. I like to have a wall calendar in the kitchen for our family scheduling and birthdays, and then my smaller Kate Spade personal calendar for appointments and such. It seems funny sometimes to keep track of writing the same events twice, but it does help keep everything organized.
The best part about these calendars is that the prints for each month will tear off to become a frame-able piece of art. My favorites are Feburary, May, October and November.
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3 thoughts on “My 2012 Calendar

  1. Anonymous

    I like September’s! They look like little, colorful igloos :). Oh and I don’t know how to select a “profile” so I am just Anonymous haha. It’s Claire Richards :) hope you are doing well Whitney!


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