DIY Lingerie Display for a Bridal Shower

February 10, 2012

We had the most fun New Year’s Eve bridal shower for my friend Izzy. What more could you want than a room full of some of your closest college friends, delicious food, and flowing champagne. We added a little lingerie and a video of a cute fiance and we were in business! 
In all of our preparations, we were trying to figure out a way to display all the pretty lingerie Izzy would receive, we had thought about using a ribbon as a pretty clothesline but couldn’t find a place to string a ribbon across the room. We were standing in front of the big windows in our dining room, and came up with an idea to use some chain and dowel rods in front of the windows. Off to Lowe’s we went! 
We spray painted the quarter inch dowel rods with a light dusting of white and let them dry. And we bought a few of those gold hooks to screw in the ends of the dowel rods so we could hang them on the chain.
We tied the chain up on the curtain rod with some pretty gold ribbon and set the dowel rods at different heights around the four windows. We tested it out and I’m pretty sure the neighbors were wondering what we were up to!
It took a while to get the rods at the right height and make sure they were level, so I put a little piece of ribbon to mark which chain link the dowel rod would sit on. That way, it was quick and easy to find when we took it off to slide the lingerie on!
And voila, what a sight! Luckily, it was a cloudless, sunny day so the light beaming through the windows illuminated everything. This was such a fun way to display all the gifts Izzy received. And for a room full of girls, there sure were lots of squeals every time we slid another piece on.

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