What my desk looks like right now…

February 20, 2012

Move over laptop, this is the best spot in the house. This is where we grow things. I’ve had a tiny pot, an orchid, or a hyacinth or two here for before but last week this became the most popular spot in the house. It probably had something to do with the freezing temperatures or the threat of snow that sent me outside to gather up these terracotta pots and haul in my seedlings. They found the sunny spot in front of the window and just wanted to stay a while.

I attended a seed starting class at Oakhurst Community Garden a couple of Mondays ago (which was a funny story in itself) and we planted all sorts of good stuff. With the exception of some basil last spring, this is  my first foray into the world of vegetable growing. I think I’m going to like it.

We had our choice of about 60 different seed packets. I planted three varieties of lettuce, kohlrabi, parsley, mustard plant (not really sure what that is), chicory, sugar snap peas and tall peas. I’m crossing my fingers that our friend, Farmer Bill, will help me keep them alive!

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5 thoughts on “What my desk looks like right now…

  1. Emily

    I’m excited to see your garden’s progress! We’re starting our first garden this year, too. Maybe we can swap gardening tips and lessons learned! :)


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