A Perfect Springtime Picnic

March 8, 2012

Goodmorning! We’ve got a fun guest post from my friend, Supal, of Chevrons & Éclairs today. Enjoy!
I am so excited about Spring! I know I say that before every season, but Spring definitely is one of my favorite seasons. Flowers are in bloom, lots of sunshine, and we can work on our vitamin D intake! Today, I thought I’d share a few picnic tips with you. Every spring [and early summer] my family and I would go on tons of picnics to a nearby park! [Actually, we even visited that park in the winter with a thermos full of hot chocolate.] My mom would pack delicious and healthy meals and snacks with us, and so from my family to yours, here are a few picnic tips!
tip one : planning
It’s always important to have a basic idea of what you plan to accomplish during your picnic. Are you going to relax? Play with the kids? Taking the pup? This way you have an idea of what you will have to bring with you. A picnic with the kids will obviously mandate a frisbee. Picnic with the honey? Why not a few old photos of you two to reminisce. If you have multiple families joining in, make sure you are aware of an allergies! Especially since picnic are often finger foods.
tip two : prepare a menu
This is my favorite part. I always love a simple idea with a unique twist. You can go for a mason jar meal, just layer some pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella and ziti pasta in that order. When you’re ready to eat, everyone can just shake their jars! Or if you’re going low carb. Layer your salad starting with wet ingredients (dressing, tomatoes) to the driest (lettuce, beans, onions). For a real treat, try the prosciutto wrapped figsgrilled veggie + kalamata spread sandwichSpanish gazpacho, or roasted red pepper hummus with crackers and carrots. If you’re looking for a good dessert, try a pie-in-a-jar, or your go-to cookies! Be sure to include fresh fruit, drinks and water.
tip three : basket packing
Always pack the heavier items at the bottom and work your way up depending on weight. Before packing everything, however, it is a good idea to freeze water bottles and wrap them in a light dish towel. Place them at the bottom or edges of your basket to keep everything cool. Before packing any food, make sure the cooked items are cooled before sealing.
tip four : essentials
Don’t forget a picnic blanket, napkins/paper towels, utensils, cups, plates, serving pieces, condiments, corkscrew/bottle openers. I like to keep a garbage bag for easy, quick clean up and mosquito repellent on me. Sunscreen and hand sanitizer are also a good idea.
tip five : effortless
Wrap all your utensils in napkins for each person. Don’t forget ice pack water bottles. You can use your picnic blanket as a basket [like Winnie the Pooh!]. Avoid glassware and use environmentally friendly products!
tip six : enjoy!
At the end of the day, it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Don’t stress too much about a picnic. Remember, everyone is there just to have some fun!
Thanks for having me, Whitney! It’s always so fun to come together and share some family stories and traditions. Hope this list comes in use in the coming months. Happy Spring!
Thanks, Supal! I’m sure these tips will help me get ready when I want to have a picnic in Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

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