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March 21, 2012

Before the Hayes wedding festivities, I got to head home for a day to see my family and have a girly birthday celebration for Mom. We also got to stop by my aunt’s little furniture store, Carolina Furniture Outlet. I think I wanted to bring every single pillow home with me! Robin’s mom makes all these pillows, so they’re especially unique.

I don’t know what you call this conglomeration of trees and shrubs but I really like the greens and purples. And this fabulous green apartment sofa definitely needs to come to my house. Since I have neither an apartment, nor room in my house for any more furniture, I hope it goes to my sister’s apartment. I can sit on it there just the same.
We snacked on peanuts. :)
I love the animal print and the navajo-inspired pillows together. Piles and piles were everywhere. That little ikat print on the bottom almost made it to the car.
Thanks David and Robin for the tour of your shop! Next, I’ll show you their gigantic garden out back. It is to die for!

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6 thoughts on “Carolina Furniture Outlet

  1. Johnny

    Theres some great furniture at this store, but as someone else pointed out, the prices of these items are a little more then usual. Other then the price, the selection looks fantastic, great diversity here.


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