DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

You all know I love my little backyard garden. Last year I found a perfect little bird’s nest in this flimsy tree that hangs over the path. I would get Allen to put me on his shoulders and hoist me up so I could see the tiny eggs. One day, I was walking up the path and I saw pieces of little blue shell and a yellow gooey mess. Oh no! An egg fell out! Stupid flimsy tree. I decided I should make up for it by adding some bird houses to my garden, so I build a big one with some wood from a pallet last summer. Then I bought a small one and hung it on the fence. And guess what? No birds live in them. I saw one little bird checking them out one day, flying in and out of the holes, but he decided not to move in. Bummer. I thought maybe if I provided them some food, maybe they’d hang around for a while. The bird feeder project begins.
I saw a few wine bottle birdfeeders on Pinterest, so I gathered some inspiration and some pieces of plywood laying around in our garage and got to work. Special tidbit for my brother-in-law, Allen wasn’t home and I used two different saws and the drill all by myself! 😉
First, cut the wood to desired size. I made it up as I went along. That’s how I like to DIY.

Second, I painted the wood with 2 coats of exterior-friendly primer. 

Third, attach the first two pieces of wood.

Fourth, use the small “door handle hole” drill bit to cut a hole in your third piece of wood.

Tell your partner thank you for helping. Oh, hey thanks a lot, Iris.

Fifth, attach a smaller, thinner piece of wood around the bottom to create a lip. This is where the bird seed will fill up.

Sixth, (sounds like a lot of steps once you get to six…) attach the piece of wood with the hole. This was the hard part because I had to measure how far down my wine bottle would go. Also because I used gigantic deck screws and I had to line them up perfectly so they wouldn’t bust the thin piece of plywood. But this needs to be

Getting close! Fill your label-less wine bottle with bird seed.

And voila! A modern bird feeder. This guy is pretty heavy, so I haven’t decided how to hang it… I wanted to have it on the deck so we could see the birds fly by, but we might put it out in the garden. We’ve already seen a few pretty birds coming to eat! Maybe they’ll move into those birdhouses I got for them.

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