Kitchen Tour Update: Our New Backsplash

March 22, 2012

I showed you a sneak peek of our kitchen backsplash installation and here is the whole thing! And here’s a snapshot of the “before.”  The changes we’ve made are very minimal, but make a huge difference when you’re standing in the room: Lighting and backplash. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a backsplash at the top of my “House – To Do” list. I was worried it might be too busy or distracting in our already small kitchen. But! Let I will tell you, it is awesome! The white and grey mini subway tile is great, super subtle but very pretty. It is not distracting, it adds a little sparkle and serious feel to the kitchen, I think. (PS – That’s my favorite room, the sunroom, there to the right.)
Anyway, back to the changes we made. First, under cabinet lighting. My fabulous father-in-law installed these great, hidden fixtures under the cabinets, all attached to one switch. Second, ceiling lighting. You can see in the photo above there are four can lights. What you can’t see in the before shot, is that we used to have only two can lights! TWO! It was a super dark and shadowy area with only those few sources of light. Now we have bright white light coming at us from all directions. It is amazing the difference it makes – cooking, cleaning, reading – it’s all easier. Well, the cleaning part we just have to do more of, since we can see the mess more clearly now. :) 
This is one of my favorite views, standing at the sink out into the sunroom and backyard. We debated whether or not to continue the backsplash to the right of the pass-through window. We ultimately decided not to, to give a definition of the end of the kitchen, but I could go either way.
And here’s a detail shot of the tile, I couldn’t get the color right since there’s not much natural light in the kitchen. That’s why we needed all the extra lighting! (The pass-through from the sunroom only lets a little light through.) But you can see the scale and pattern of the tiles here. I think it’s beautiful!
PS – I’m over at Apartment 34 again today sharing my latest color crush, lavender! Check it out!

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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour Update: Our New Backsplash

  1. Supal

    It looks great! I think it helped distinguish the kitchen. You know what I mean? I also love your kitchen in general. It may be small, but it is definitely functional and efficiently laid out. I prefer a smaller kitchen anyways because then you’re running laps while you’re trying to make a simple dinner!


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