March: Lemon Meringue Pie

March 27, 2012

Feeling fresh and springy, I wanted to make something light for my March Pie of the Month. I asked my mom what she thought and she immediately thought of Grandma’s Lemon Meringue Pie. Duh! This is a delicious, light, sweet, tangy dessert fit for a warm March dinner on the deck. The meringue is totally my favorite part. That and the homemade graham cracker crust.
I couldn’t help but take a bite before dinner with our friend, Farmer Bill. Just look at that meringue! Heavenly. I did have a moment where I considered beating the meringue with the electric beater, but I remembered how my Grandma always makes a big deal about doing the meringue by hand. Okay, tradition, you win. By hand it is. It’s better that way, of course, according to Grandma. She even says it’s much tastier when you whip it with a fork rather than a whisk. I had forgotten that part.
As I stood there, (whisking away so hard I thought my arm would fall off) I kept thinking there was something missing. I kept looking at the silverware drawer, wondering what was missing, as if the answer was in there. I talked to my Mom a few hours later. Turns out the answer was in the silverware drawer. Use the fork to whisk the meringue, Whitney!
After all that, forming the crust, mixing the eggs, beating the egg whites, taking photos, and a little taste test… I was looking through my camera lens so zoomed in, I couldn’t see the wild beast approaching until it was too late! He got a taste of my March pie. I think he likes the meringue, too.
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3 thoughts on “March: Lemon Meringue Pie

  1. Lisa

    Oh yum!! I’ve been craving lemon bars lately, but this looks even better! Too funny that someone unexpected got a little taste test :)


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