Style 1

March 6, 2012

Whoa! That’s me! First, a disclaimer. I’m not a fashion blogger. And I felt real funny with that camera pointed at me. BUT! I like clothes (usually when my sister tells me what to wear) and I thought this would be fun!

I wanted to try a fun, new series on the blog and thought a little style column might be fun. That scarf is super fun, right? So, I made a new friend named Betsy and she took my picture. That was funny. Didn’t she do a wonderful job? I love that this outfit is colorful and perfectly layered for these on-again-off-again warmish days of early spring. A jolt of color is just the right way to bring out your excitement for spring. And the thrifted loafers are my favorite. This is another item to cross off my 101 List! Eee!
Photos by Betsy McPherson

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16 thoughts on “Style 1

  1. Lacy

    I love this post – the pictures are beautiful & I love your outfit!! Great idea/inspiration for new things on my blog too!

  2. clairecgibson

    You are 100% cute. And… you will continue to be my style guru. And I will continue to ask the question “Would Whitney wear this??” before I walk out the door. LOVE YOU.

  3. Eva

    Whitney! I am so proud of you and I know that you must be proud as well.
    The outfit looks great! Your not shabby yourself. Ohhhhh and I love your long hair. I know, I know, it must go! Love you!


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