Another DIY Birdfeeder: Mini & Purple!

April 18, 2012

I have a confession. I get really excited when I have a recipe that calls for shallots, simply because of the cute purple baggies. For a while, I would save them, not knowing what to do with them but sure that the pretty purple color shouldn’t be wasted in the trashcan. Given my new obsession with feeding the birds in my backyard, I thought I could find a new use for it…
This might be the easiest little project I’ve ever done. It takes maybe four steps… Fill the bag with birdseed. Thread some garden twine in and out through a few holes, cinch together and tie, hang from a tree. Ta-da! 

I hope maybe the smaller birds will be attracted to land on this one, it might not hold up well with a lot of weight on it! And the seed actually comes through the holes pretty easily. I’ll let you know if they like it!

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