We’re Going on a Bench Hunt

April 9, 2012

I have been hunting and hunting for the perfect bench for our screened-in porch. Obviously, the “sprucing” I referred to when I wrote that post last October is taking a while. I started looking for a wicker bench around the time I wrote that post and I never found one! I would take quick trips through our thrift stores every couple of Saturdays, just knowing that someone, somewhere was going to throw out an old wicker bench. No such luck. I finally got frustrated, made this idea board, and started searching for an alternative. Here’s what I found (with an eventual solution at the bottom)! 
Home Goods: Nice, but not the “cozy” feeling I was going for. On sale for $119, but still not as cheap as a thrift store find.

Pier 1: Sturdy, wicker, white, all my qualifications except: 1) big box store and 2) whoa, nelly on that price!

Craigslist: Not too bad! Unique, lots of character, wicker, two pieces. Priced at $175. I think it’s still available if anyone in Atlanta is interested.
Lowe’s: Whaaa, whaa. Boring. And uncomfortable. But it swings!

Now, I was walking into my local Goodwill on Thursday afternoon, actually just to drop something off, I had pretty much given up on the thrift stores for this particular purchase. I wandered around for a minute, just in case, and found this hilarious set of 60’s / 70’s, retro outdoor furniture. I was immediately curious, but not totally sold. It’s low to the ground and obviously, kind of odd shaped. But I called my mom. Duh. My phone wouldn’t work to send a picture to her (arg!), but I kept describing it as hexagonal-shaped. Hmm….

Priced at only $50 for a bench, two chairs and a table (in poor condition) I bought it! I took it home and immediately gave it a good scrub down in the driveway with soapy water and a tiny drop of pine sol. The dirt and grime along the top actually came off really well. I was worried it was age, but it was just mildew.

The chairs look like funny captain’s chairs for a space ship, but they are quirky and I’ve never seen anything like them! Both good qualities in my book. I’m working on cushion fabric and pillows this week so we’ll see how it goes! I can’t wait to have the screened-in porch looking good. We’ve been spending a lot of time out there this spring!

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