A Fabulous Weekend!

May 22, 2012

Three of my favorite people in the world came to visit this past weekend… My Mom, Sister and Grandma. I was so happy to have them here with me :) We checked quite a few things off the To Do list…
1. A little shopping and shaved ice action at Atlantic Station.

2. We stopped at the Humane Society to play with the cute kittens! We didn’t adopt any though.

3. Backyard projects! We planted two gardenias, moved one Japanese maple, sprinkled lots of pansies around the yard, Anna painted a little table, we moved the furniture around on the screened porch… Whew!

4. Taste tested a few funky beers. I hadn’t seen my sister since she turned 21 a couple of months ago, so this was fun!

All in all, a great weekend. Thanks for coming to visit! :)

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