Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

May 11, 2012

Happy Weekend and Happy Mother’s Day! I am not yet a mother, but I have plenty of women in my life who deserve great thanks and praise for all the love that they pour out so selflessly on not only their kids, but everyone around them. Just to name a few…. Hi Mom, Grandma, Eva, Kim, Beverly, Chris, Kathy, Delma, and many more! So if you’re a mother, thank you! If you want to be a mother, it’ll come. If you’re a grandmother, you’re the wisest one of all. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are a few fun mom-related things I found this week. See you back here on Monday!

A sweet Mother’s Day brunch.
Here’s an inspiring video featuring GapKids + DvF. So sweet!
Someday when I get to decorate a nursery, I want it to look like this.
Have you heard about Olive Us? I think it’ll be so cute!
Here’s a great promo video for Mom, Inc. Interesting for those who want to start a business!

A great mom photo.
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