May 24, 2012

On a search for crewel fabric for my sister’s new apartment, my sister, my mom and I set out on a hunt across the blogosphere for kilim. From this post, we opened about 18 different windows all at once, and followed the internet rabbit hole to a few inspirational images…. 

And it’s funny how trends are never really completely new, ya know? Like these kilim rugs that are so super cool, they’ve have been around for years and years, serving as blankets on donkeys and stuff, right?! That’s what they make me think of, anyway.

Even in searching the blogosphere and pinterest for my favorite items, some of these posts were published over a year ago, like this sweet chair on Cococozy. Nevertheless, I’m totally in love with this trend and these colorful kilim fabrics. It’s an easy, somewhat muted injection of color in my otherwise neutral palette.

Oooo and I would love to toss some of these pillows around my house. There are literally millions to choose from on Etsy. The options are overwhelming!


What about you guys? Do you love the look of kilim? Or does the fabric look too scratchy for you? (I’m afraid of that scratchy-ness a little! :)

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4 thoughts on “Kilim

  1. Kyla

    I adore everything about this post…all these items are just so colorful and bright and remind me of the Mexican blankets my mom has hanging in her house :)


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