May: Pear and Cranberry Mini Pies

May 30, 2012

My May Pie of the Month is here! I made these teeny, tiny pear and cranberry mini pies on Mother’s Day – served with vanilla ice cream, they were delicious! When I started mixing the cranberry and cinnamon combination I was worried they smelled a little too fall-season-ish, but they turned out so delicious I didn’t even notice the hint of cloves.

And they’re so cute and bite-sized, how could you not love a mini-pie?! It’s safe to say I’ll be making more of these.

Barely even a crumb was left!

PS – See all my Pies of the Month (so far) here!

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5 thoughts on “May: Pear and Cranberry Mini Pies

  1. Supal

    THESE ARE SO CUTE! Ahahaha, I could see you eating each bite and taking a photo for your animated gif :) I tried to do that once, but I lost my placement of the camera ha.


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