On My 101 List: Do A Juice Cleanse

June 12, 2012

So I wanted to try a juice cleanse. I consider myself a health-conscious person and we try to always eat healthy, whole foods in this house, but it seemed like wherever I turned, there was a conversation about gluten, preservatives, vegetarianism, juicing, paleo diets, eating raw foods, and all that jazz. I like trying new things and I totally subscribe to that “don’t knock it til ya try it” thing. So I tried a two-day juice cleanse.

I’m not sure that juicing is for me. It was intense. I started out fine, even though I usually wake up hungry, (I eat a lot for a petite woman!) I was able to get through the morning. Lunchtime was awful. I felt foggy and slow and awful. But I powered through, chugged a ton of juice and got a little burst of energy through the afternoon. My friend told me I was acting like I’d just eaten Skittles and gotten a sugar rush :) I got home and made it through my normal fridge-rummaging snack time (cheese! blueberries! cheeze-its!) and thought I was home free til bedtime, but it took a turn for the worst. I got an awful, awful headache. I was feeling foggy and tired again. I got a text from our friend Farmer Bill (who’s a juicing enthusiast) and he told me to power through and it would feel great at the end. But I was feeling yucky….. 

So…. I….. ate a bagel. (Probably not the best choice. It didn’t make me feel bad, I just was worried I was going to shock my body by not eating all day and then eating carbs. Oh well, I thought, I was more scared of the not eating part.)

I understand and appreciate the idea of juicing and cleansing your body of toxins and build-up and yucky stuff, but I also understand that your body can’t function properly without healthy nutrients to fuel it. My body didn’t feel good. In yoga we talk about listening to our bodies, and I felt like my body wasn’t happy.

So I’m going keep trying new things and eating healthy, whole, good foods. Have you guys ever done a juice cleanse? Did you feel good the whole time or just push through the grogginess? Overall, I’m glad I tried it. Maybe I’ll try it again someday.

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4 thoughts on “On My 101 List: Do A Juice Cleanse

  1. Claire Richards

    I did a cleanse a few months ago…it was a 4-day herbal teas/fruits/veggies cleanse. Here’s the blog I got it off of. 1st day = raw veggies only. 2nd day = fruit only. 3rd day = nothing but herbal teas and juices. 4th day = bring bad food slowly…

    You were supposed to drink juice/herbal teas the whole time, and obviously drink water water water! I had the worst headache of my life on the veggies day…threw up 6 times haha. But I made it through the 4 days!!! And I felt great afterwards :)


  2. clairecgibson

    Wow, Claire…. you threw up 6 times!? That can’t be good!! Whitney, you know I’m all about eating well… but whatever it is needs to be manageable. I’m glad you ate a bagel. I’m curious when you do your paleo challenge what you’ll think. The difference there is that you won’t ever be hungry. The only issues I had with paleo was feeling cravings for sugar… which made me realize that I was addicted to sugar. But, other than that… I had energy and never felt sick.

  3. Supal

    You did get through basically a whole day! Juice cleanses are the best during the milder weather times like spring and fall. You won’t feel exhausted [like from the heat]. I like to do it during a four day weekend when I’m alone. I take bubble baths, do some reading, give myself a facial/make facial masks, go get a mani/pedi. So by the end you’re super rejuvenated. But juice cleanses are extreme, try the one Claire Richards suggested!


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