Do me a quick favor?

July 9, 2012

You guys… I don’t normally do contests… And I hate to ask people to jump through silly hoops… BUT this one is easy, peasy and I’d really, REALLY love to win… This Fashion for Home contest for this sofa
If you have two seconds, would you mind doing me a huge favor? I’ve got easy directions for you :)
1. Search on Facebook for fashionforhome.

2. Scroll down, look in the right column with Recent Posts by Others… Look for my picture! (Grandma – This list is chronological, so if my picture isn’t there, Click “More Posts” and scroll down til you see it.) Click on my status. 

3. Click LIKE! 

HOORAY!! Thank you, thank you!! If I win, I will buy you a coffee. No joke.
You could also like Fashion for Home’s page while you’re there, I’m sure they’d appreciate that.
Also… If have two more seconds and feel like getting distracted on Pinterest. Head over to my my profile on Pinterest and follow me, if you don’t already. 

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