Home Tour: The Gibsons’ Cozy Nashville Pad

July 18, 2012

We love love love going to visit our friends the Gibsons in Nashville. They are some of our dearest friends and their home is always welcoming and cozy. Claire and Patrick have lived in this house for over a year and they’ve really made it their own. Take a look!

Family Room

How cozy is this? This front room is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. I think I’d like to stay a while. Wouldn’t you?
And there’s the mascot of the Gibson house, what a good lookin’ dog! This is Cooper, he’s comfortable being in front of the camera. (More photos here.)


Family Room
Sofa – Mitchell Gold
Orange Chair – Thrifted
Trunk – Family Heirloom (from Claire’s great-grandmother!)
Side Tables – Combo of family pieces and thrifted pieces
Bench (to the right of the sofa) – Hobby Lobby
Rug – West Elm Kite Kilim Rug

Master Bedroom

Claire’s bedroom was probably the first major room to come together – I talked about it here. I love their bedding, the white rug, and the Ikea rasts that we did!

Guest Bedroom

Now, for the guest bedroom where the Curtises stay. How much do you love these dark navy walls? It’s a brave move to paint your walls dark and I think it looks great! Oh, aaaaand Claire and Patrick DIY-ed that headboard. Bam.
This desk is from Ikea, where Claire writes and writes and writes. She’s a freelance writer, check her out! 
Screened-in Porch

This may be my favorite part of the house… It’s under a bit of DIY construction right now, but take a look at this fabulous porch. It runs the length of the house and is absolutely perfect for a morning coffee or a fall dinner party.
Voila! The coolest house in Nashville. Don’t you want to go visit? Me too. Thanks for letting me share your home Claire and Patrick!
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4 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Gibsons’ Cozy Nashville Pad

  1. Supal

    Cooper is lookin good! Love her home it’s cozy, chic and minimalistic. And what phenomenal ideas ie. bench in the living room! Is that for more storage, to sit on? 

  2. Claire

    Supal!  Heard so much about you, I think we should be friends, too! It’s basically more seating… but I also have a lamp and books next to the orange chair too.  Super multi-purpose. PS. I LOVE that people are calling our style minimalistic… sometimes I feel like our house is still full of clutter. 

  3. Joy Uyeno

    What a beautiful home! I especially love the guest bedroom — was just looking at that desk at Ikea. Also, I squeaked a bit when I saw the little vase sitting on top of White Teeth, as I have a vase sitting on top of my copy as well (one of my all time favorite books)!!! Lovely post, Whit!


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