DIY Spotted Pink Tissue Paper

August 28, 2012

We’re starting that time in life that people I’ve heard people talk about… That time where we have less weddings and more baby showers! We have quite a few friends right now who are expecting little ones over the next few months and we are so excited for them. So, we’re having dinner with one such couple this week and I wanted to deliver their congratulations gift in pretty pink packaging. I keep a huge stash of gift bags and tissue paper so when I found this brown paper bag with a pink ribbon, I knew it was perfect. Now for some pretty tissue paper to go with it!
I have way too much tissue paper, but I can’t help but save it and recycle! I always pinch tissue paper in the middle and wiggle it around so the points come together to puff out of the bag. I roughly measured how much of the tissue paper would be visible outside the bag and I started dotting. I used the tip of a pencil eraser for even, round dots.
It didn’t take long at all. The delicate tissue paper does kind of stick to the paint though. Lots of irregular dots on all four corners. Plus, you only have to paint one side because the pink shows through both sides of the paper.
There are a few irregular dots or swipes of paint that give it that handmade look, which I love. Now just wait for it to dry (or use the hairdryer!), tuck your little gift inside, and voila! A pretty pink gift wrap perfect for a baby girl. 

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3 thoughts on “DIY Spotted Pink Tissue Paper

  1. Kyla

    Ohhh, what a pretty way to personalize tissue paper! I’m going to a baby shower next month, I think I’m going to try this out :)


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