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August 23, 2012

A couple of weeks ago my new friend Kelsey featured me on her popular “From The Desk Of” series. I may or may not have cleaned up my desk a bit before I snapped these photos to send to her. Because you know, I may or may not actually be able to see the surface of my desk on a normal day. Go take a peek at the post Kelsey did. And isn’t she a fabulous graphic designer?! I kind of want to be her.
PS – Sometimes my desk looks like this. My sister’s desk. And at one point, I was working on a desk-in-a-closet, but we’ve put the kabosh on that plan. I’ll show you what we did instead soon.

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One thought on “My Desk

  1. Kelsey Cronkhite

    You’re too sweet! Thank you for the kind words! I still can’t get over the gorgeousness of your desk space. That single fern in the vase is perfection and I am totally going to copy you once I get my feet back in Savannah again! xoxo.


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