Wedding Week: Bridesmaids Dresses

August 7, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. To remember our day, I wanted a reason to go back through all the photos and my wedding notebook. Enjoy! PS – All photos by ABJ Photography.

Picking bridesmaids dresses is always going to be a funny task… In the back of my head, I always knew I’d have champagne colored bridesmaids dresses. I’m not a color lover, I love neutrals, and a champagne in a shiny chiffon material would sparkle… Easy! I snapped these pictures of my champagne inspiration and the four color swatches that were the extent of my color choice.

I just knew I wanted to look back on my wedding photos and have the people wearing the dresses stand out, rather than the color of their dresses. Sometimes I think all that pink (or whatever bright color – no offense!) just captures your eye and takes away from the people in the photo. I didn’t want to wonder, “why on earth did I choose that color!?” So I knew a shiny neutral would be my happy place.

Look how pretty they are! The dresses are simply a lovely backdrop to showcase my beautiful friends. Who happen to all be brunettes.

The girls got to choose their own style dress – strapless sweetheart, strapless pleated top, spaghetti strap, a little bow in the front, and halter – and their own shoes. If I was bossing them around about the color of their dress, I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible!

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