Wedding Week: Extras

August 10, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. I wanted to go back through all the photos and memories to remember our wedding day. Enjoy!
First up, the notebook. It can’t go without comment. This heavy thing has a sketch or note or list for every last detail of our wedding. It went with us everywhere. My Mom had one too, probably with even more lists and details. I wish I had a picture of what we affectionately dubbed the “War Room” during the wedding planning. My Mom has a cozy little office that we totally took over. It was a delightful place to do all the brainstorming and planning, most of the time. ;)
The cake stand! We didn’t want just any old silver cake stand, that wouldn’t work with the space. The cake (which I loved) was very simple, but we wanted a cake stand that would accentuate the cake, not distract from it. So… We had this one custom built just for us. My Mom knows lots of craftsmen she can call on at a time like this, like the “iron guy” (also known as Noah;) who made the C’s. So we took a photo of the cake design to him and he built this for us.


Letters. Obviously, we wanted the ceremony to be as sweet, sentimental, and personal as possible. We got to be with our family leading up to the ceremony, but there were a few special women I couldn’t see before the big moment who were important to me. We thought it would be nice for them to receive a special letter from me, telling them why they are so dear to me and that I love them, right before the ceremony. The letters were wrapped up with unique vintage handkerchiefs we hunted for at various antique marts. I wrapped them up nicely and it was a nice surprise for these ladies as they entered the chapel.

Favors! The favors we did were really neat. We went from having no favor to doing a really personalized one. We didn’t want to do anything at all if we couldn’t do it special and custom. Our friends at Hog Hill pottery made these clay ornaments with a stamp we had made with our names, wedding date, a special verse, and an imprint of the lace from my wedding dress.

Lavender! I really wanted something that would fly into the air (like rice) for our exit from the reception.  My Mom came up with idea of throwing good-smelling lavender at us! It was awesome. It smelled so wonderful, but it got all over us. It was in all the creases in my dress and hair and I think Allen accidentally ate a handful. It was a fabulous send off.
Get away car! We didn’t want to have an old fashioned car picking us up from our modern reception location, I didn’t want a just married sign on the car, but we did want something to mark the car as special. My Mom had this page torn out of a Martha Stewart magazine from years ago that had a car with big ribbon-like fabric flags, so we took inspiration from that to create these satin flags.


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