Wedding Week: Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

August 8, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. To remember our day, I wanted a reason to go back through all the photos and my wedding notebook. Enjoy! PS – All photos by ABJ Photography.

It was really special to be able to have a darling little cousin as flower girl and my precious little brother as ring bearer in our wedding. At around 5 years old at the time, they both read books and talked a lot about their important jobs. My little cousin, sweet as she is, got a little shy when she saw all those people. She actually decided she didn’t want anything to do with her flower veil or her shoes….

But she made it down the aisle very gracefully – keeping a close eye on her daddy the whole way down – and deciding at the end that she was done and she’d like to sit down.
Connor, on the other hand, marched right up to the big boys and handed over the (fake!) rings. He did a  great job and definitely gave everybody a giggle, marching so confidently up those stairs!

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