Wedding Week: Flowers

August 8, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. To remember our day, I wanted a reason to go back through all the photos and my wedding notebook. Enjoy! PS – All photos by ABJ Photography.

Side note: Forget everything I told you yesterday about me not loving color. When it came to my wedding flowers, I wanted color out the wazoo!

When we started thinking about the overall color scheme of our wedding, my Mom thought it would be awesome to have our color palette in a tangible way that we could take with us to all our meetings to show “this is what we’re going for.” So we spent an afternoon with a dear family friend and portrait artist, whom my sister took art lessons from for years, with paint and a small canvas. She laid out every color imaginable and let me pick each color, bringing the color scheme in my head to life. The best part is that this canvas hangs in our house as a wonderful reminder of our wedding and all the fun we had planning it.

We used Twigs as our florist and thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kate. She did a a fabulous job! Now, back to that color thing. I have no idea what possessed me to want so much color in these flowers. I love love love it, it’s just not like my normal neutral self. I wanted my bouquet to be an assortment of corals and oranges. I still love orange (see blog header:) luckily! And my bridesmaids flowers I wanted color that would pop in front of the shiny, champagne colored dresses.

I had to have protea…

Ta da! Look at all that color. Now, I will also say that since the wedding, blogs, Pinterest, and working with Atlanta floral designer Amy Osaba have blended my mind and this is the only area of my wedding where I would probably do something different. But I do love them so.
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