Wedding Week: Invitations

August 9, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. I wanted to go back through all the photos and memories to remember our wedding day. Enjoy!  

The champagne color scheme from the bridesmaids dresses carried over into our invitations. I’m still in love with these invitations – simple, neutral and a little shimmery. The Save the Date (top left) was probably my favorite of all. I could stare at these all day!

We did have one tiny problem the day we were supposed to pick up our invitations… We still laugh about it now. We were in the thick of the planning process, I was “stressed” and declared some kind of “no planning” day, booking a relaxing massage for myself. (Compared to life now, I scoff at myself for thinking that was stressed!) I literally walk out of the massage to a voicemail that says “We’ve got a problem with your invitations…..” I freak out. Mom assured me it was fine but I still remember the tension creeping back into my shoulders. It ended up being totally fine, and it’s so funny to look back on now.

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