Wedding Week: The C’s

August 9, 2012

Welcome to wedding week! My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. I wanted to go back through all the photos and memories to remember our wedding day. Enjoy!

My favorite customization project that we did for the wedding was to put the letter C everywhere, for my new last name. It started out slow, accidentally even, and then all of a sudden we found this awesome font (Champignon, I believe) and we just went nuts. C’s on napkins, go! C’s on doors, go! A big C made of iron to put on the bar, go! An even bigger C made of iron to put on the patio, go! It was awesome.

The big C, on the patio:

The small C, on the bar:

I have the small C in our house, you can see it here and here. The big C is at my parents house in the backyard getting beautifully rusty. As soon as we can find a uhaul to put it in, it’s coming to our backyard and it’s going to be covered in Christmas lights.

C’s on the doors…

C’s on napkins…


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9 thoughts on “Wedding Week: The C’s

  1. whitney

    yes yes! the C’s were actually done by a friend of our family who is an iron worker. he makes custom iron signs all around my hometown and his wife is a photographer, they’re pretty cool! the C on the door was just a vinyl appliqué thing from a sign company in Greenville. I don’t have the name!


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