DIY Laundry Hanging Rack

September 6, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, in a torrent of diys and honey-do’s and projects around the house, I was really frustrated that we didn’t have a designated place to hang clothes in the laundry room. Whether they need to dry out a bit more or if they’re in the (very long) line to be ironed, I didn’t want them laying on top of the dryer or flung on the storage shelves. 
Some steel plumbing pipe and a few screws later and we were totally fixed!

I love the industrial look, but the pieces were thin enough to not be too overwhelmingly industrial for our house.

We used two floor flanges, two 90″ elbows, two nipples (hehe), and one 34 inch (I think) straight bar.
It’s a few inches from the wall, so the hangers don’t hang completely straight back. They lean up against the wall a bit which is fine with me. It’s a pretty narrow space, so I didn’t want hangers poking out and hitting me in the head while I’m trying to fold.
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3 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Hanging Rack

  1. Jen @ Cuddles & Chaos

    Ahhhh, you read my mind! I’ve been complaining about a lack of hanging space in our laundry room for a while now. I’m so doing this!


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