The Screened-in Porch… Finally!

September 13, 2012

For a “room” that we literally never set foot in during the first year we owned this house, it sure has changed! It all started when we cut a hole in the two-by-fours and the screening to create an opening for a door. We had an empty space there for a while, and finally put in a swinging, green (!) door. I love it.

Then I found this awesome and hilarious Philippino-inpsired patio furniture at my local Goodwill for $50. I still plan on making cushions with a crazy, loud, floral fabric I found, but look at those hexagonal seats! Not as easy as I thought to sew a cushion in that shape. I made one and can’t bring myself to sew the other two. The pillows out there now are awesome – they’re old so I don’t feel bad that they’re outside and the colors work perfectly together. They’re collected from all over the house and my sister’s first dorm room.
This awesome umbrella was on my Mom’s porch for years. She found it at Pier 1 a long time ago, isn’t is fabulous!? It’s heavy too.

The little green table I scored at a thrift store for $4, and painted it a few colors. First it was yellow, then it was white, then my sister painted it green. I like it.

Voila! Our little screened-in porch – perfect for an afternoon cocktail. 

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