Style 7 / Neutrals and Fall

October 11, 2012

I love two things… neutrals and fall. I combine them often. But there’s one thing I don’t love. And that’s thick, wintery fabrics on summer shapes. Like, for example, a cable knit sweater halter top. If it’s a cable knit, it’s meant for winter. If it’s a halter top, it’s meant for summer. Make up your mind, sweater. Well, I broke my own dang rule. Look at this one I’m wearing. Oops. Sweater and sleeveless… But it’s so soft and pretty, I couldn’t resist.

Perfect for a fall night outside by the new firepit, roasting s’mores of course.

Sweater: TJMaxx (similar) / Shirt: Michael Stars / Jeans: Seven / Shoes: Frye (similar) / Belt: J.Crew (similar)

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4 thoughts on “Style 7 / Neutrals and Fall

  1. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    Oh man, I love this look. It looks so comfy yet put together at the same time– which is definitely not an easy feat. I usually don’t do winter fabrics on summer shapes either (I generally loathe short sleeve cardigans– if I want to wear you, it’s because I’m cold and your lack of sleeves is of no use to me!) but I actually love this one. Perfect for layering!

  2. Anna @ IHOD

    So chic Whitney! Love how you styled that sweater. We are so lucky to have such beautiful weather right now!

  3. Paige Sellers

    Hi, Whitney Bost Curtis!

    I am currently in Atlanta attending an IB Psychology Training at AIS. Today, during introductions, when I announced that I’m from Hickory and teaching at HHS, a staff member in the room (forgive me, I don’t remember her name) asked me if I knew a Whitney Curtis. Well, that gave me a moment’s pause, but I connected the dots and after describing you, we realized we were speaking about the same person. Upon typing your married name into google, I arrived here. It is fabulous to see you doing so well and still looking so fabulous (I love the hair!).

    Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Hope you’re doing superbly, but by the looks of it you are :)



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