Holiday Wrapping Series, No. 1

November 27, 2012

The first holiday wrapping I wanted to try involves, of course, clippings from the garden. This cheap and easy idea is great if you don’t have a lot of bows or ribbons stored in your Christmas arsenal. Just wrap the gift in a kraft paper or neutral color, and clip any pretty leaves from your backyard or front stoop.

This selection took me less than 2 minutes to clip and gather. Any combination of these stems will look great together. Nandina berries and ligustrum, loropetalum and rosemary, or loropetalum, boxwood, and nandina berries.

I think loropetalam and rosemary is my favorite because the purple leaves are unique and the smell of the rosemary will last long enough for the recipient to enjoy! (For just a few hours if you don’t stick it in water!)
Wrapping with greenery is probably best if you tie it on the day you’re going to give the gift. You can have everything wrapped and ready, and just tuck in a sprig of greenery on your way out the door!

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