Holiday Wrapping Series, No. 3

December 13, 2012

Here’s another fun way to spruce up some kraft wrapping paper this holiday season – trace some interesting shapes onto the plain paper in metallic colors. If any of you are going to Alt, you might remember getting this funny top in the mail in one of the swag bags. I thought it was a cool shape so I took a metallic sharpie and traced it around the kraft paper.

You could do this with any shapes or colors, but I like the metallic look the best!

The bronze shades look like they belong with the kraft paper. Don’t you think?

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Wrapping Series, No. 3

  1. Jennifer Newcomb

    You are so patient and crafty! I have no patience for wrapping gifts, unfortunately…I just hurry through to get them all done! (Maybe I can just bring mine to you to wrap ;) hehe…I actually had a roommate in college do it for me!)


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