10 Things I Learned at Alt Summit 2013

January 29, 2013

To say I learned a some cool stuff at Alt would be a gross understatement. What I heard and what I learned sunk deep into my soul. I feel funny sometimes saying words like “inspiration” or “create” – I didn’t think those words applied to me. What I’m finding is that I want them to apply to me, and I have the power to make that change. So here are 10 things I learned at Alt, along with whom I learned them from. PS – Coming up tomorrow: The 3 times I cried at Alt Summit.
1. Hustle. You have to work. –Jenny Komenda
2. The only risk is not taking any risks. –Stefan Sagmeister
3. Stop comparing your insides to other peoples’ outsides. –Karen Walrond
4. Love your story. – Jasmine Star
5. On working with brands: Who’s saying what you’re saying? –Merrilee Liddiard
6. You are a content producer first. –Jenny Komenda
7. You want to attract or repel readers. –Jasmine Star
8. Morning person? Night owl? Work during your “golden hours.” –Erin Loechner
9. Identifying your brand: Name what lights you up and why — in action verbs. –Karen Walrond
10. Good storytelling is a fundamental human need. –Helen Jane Hearn
Images by Brooke Dennis & Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit
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6 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned at Alt Summit 2013

  1. alix adams

    Whitney! This is one of my favorite post-Alt posts. These were some of my very favorite quotes too! I really really enjoyed hanging out with you at Alt. I’ll keep checking in!

  2. Lacy

    Thanks for sharing these with us! I am so sad I wasn’t able to make it to Alt Summit, and love this recap and the other insights you’ve shared! THANK YOU!!!


  3. amy c

    Whitney, great post! It was great to meet you at Alt. I applaud your fearlessness to quit a job that wasn’t working for you. Way to go!! Have a great year 2013. Take care.

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