Baby Shower for a Sweet Baby Girl Named Edith

January 16, 2013

I don’t think there’s anything more fun than a group of girls throwing a baby shower for a dear friend who’s having a baby girl. It’s like a higher level of camaraderie and bonding that we’ve yet to experience but we know is super important – it’s welcoming a BABY! Plus, she’s a girl who will surely (someday!) appreciate the pink and craftiness and glitter. Surely. 

A lot of healthy, yummy food: quinoa salad, caprese skewers, roasted squash and apple salad, chicken salad with avocado. And some sweets: cupcakes, petit-fours, fruit tart, and a special pink ombre cake!
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3 thoughts on “Baby Shower for a Sweet Baby Girl Named Edith

  1. Jeanette

    Yeah! Love it (obvi). You know what they say about children, it takes a village. I’m really happy you’re in my village :)


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