Inspiration Dialogues 1 / Jordan Brantley

January 23, 2013

I’m lucky enough to be heading to the fabulous blogging conference, Altitude Summit, in Salt Lake City this week! I decided to kick off a new series while I’m gone… Inspiration Dialogues will be dedicated to demystifying the inspiration process. We’ll be talking to bloggers, designers, and artists I admire. Hopefully, we’ll get inspired along the way! 

I asked Jordan, of Create Like Crazy, to start us off!

Tell us a little bit about you and your blog.
Heeey! It’s so great to meet you guys! I’m the designer + blogger ( + soon-to-be shop owner… ;) shhh! )  over at Create Like Crazy! I love helping creative businesses take it to the next level through design. Watching my clients succeed makes my job that much more amazing. When I actually close my computer, ( still working on the whole “business hours” thing! ) I’m usually hanging out with my husband or catching up with a friend at my favorite local coffee shop. Okay… or browsing blogs. ;)

When you start a new project, how do you begin the “inspiration” stage?
For my clients with creative small businesses, I always start off with an extensive questionnaire. ( soon-to-be branding workbook! yay! ) This helps me get to know my client’s personality + style, who their ideal client is, and allows us to nail down a solid direction for their brand. After that is done we can start collecting images that represent the vibe we’re going for and create an inspiration moodboard!

How do you stay inspired if you hit a roadblock?

This happens at least once during every project I do. I call it my panic phase. Haha! When it happens I force myself to take a break from working on that specific project. Even if it just means taking a snack break, taking my mind off of the project for at least a few minutes always helps me come back to it with fresh eyes and usually fresh inspiration.

How would you describe the feeling you get when you’re inspired? Productive? Dreamy? Imaginative?

Overwhelmed! In a wonderful way. Inspiration usually comes in huge waves for me. When it does, I try to write everything down instead of trying to actually complete everything at once. But sometimes the idea is just too exciting to wait!
Thank you, Jordan! I love hearing about your process – and even about your panic phase! Thank you for sharing!

PS – Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see the next artist! 

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