Sentimental Family Recipe on Dish Towels

January 9, 2013

Over the holidays, all those special family recipes that have been shelved for eleven and a half months come back into your kitchen, don’t they? My family has a few of these recipes. The best one? My great-great-grandmother’s Butter Pie. My Mom and sister pulled the handwritten, framed recipe off the wall to make for Thanksgiving dinner as they chatted about how neat it would be to share the handwritten recipe with the rest of the family. My sister came up with this fabulous idea to have it printed on dishtowels for a Christmas gift.

Anna took the recipe to her screen-printing friend, who increased the contrast and quickly spit out 25 printed dishtowels in about 10 minutes.
Anna and I helped tie them up with a pretty string and a card and sent them on their way to four different states! Talk about a sentimental family gift… I know I will cherish mine.

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12 thoughts on “Sentimental Family Recipe on Dish Towels

  1. Jillian Manger

    I never commented on how much I love this, but I really, really do! I have a recipe for Peanut Brittle from my Great-Grandma and I think I’m going to do this for my Mimi for Mother’s Day!:) p.s. just saw your tweet about Pinterest today–haha! Glad to hear someone’s gaining from my obsession!:) xo

  2. whitney

    Hi Monica! We used a simple white, all cotton dishtowel from Target. It doesn’t have any ridges or anything, it’s easy to print on a flat surface. I wash it just like I would a normal dishtowel. Easy!

  3. Anna Ruby Read

    I LOVE LOVE printed dish towels and this one is lovely. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and don’t know where to start! Your screen printing friend, what did she/he do exactly? Printed them on a printer or screen printed them the traditional method? 10 minutes is so fast! I don’t care which method, I just what to know how to attempt to print handwriting on a washable towel.
    Any information will help :-)

  4. Marina

    Can you share how you did this for your diy project? Would love to make some of these for special christmas gifts this year!


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