Business Cards at Alt Summit 2013

January 30, 2013

My friend Lexy at The Proper Pinwheel says that Alt is like the fashion week of paper. It’s totally true! There are some crazy, creative ideas that come out when you give a blogger a little piece of paper to work with. Below are some really great ones that I gathered and my two favorites of all.

I have a thing for circular logos (obviously!) and these four are fabulous…

For creativity and fun points, and because Merrilee is so darn cute, I think this one was a favorite card of mine… It’s a cut out that becomes a cute little bear!

I just love this “card” from The Paper Mama – mostly because it’s beautifully illustrated and super creative (it’s a pin!) and only partly because my family has a corgi named Nugget. Ha! I couldn’t help myself…

Top image by Brooke Dennis & Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

16 thoughts on “Business Cards at Alt Summit 2013

  1. Joy Uyeno

    Oh, I look keep looking at all the cards that I got at Alt because they make me so happy! They’re like the little take home piece of all the creativity and loveliness that was packed in to that conference. And what a thrill to see my card featured in your gorgeous roundup! And it must be said that you’re even more gorgeous in real life, which is saying something. xo

  2. notmerelyliving

    I love the way you grouped the cards by color/style! Thanks so much for including my card Whitney. I feel so honored to be included with such an incredible group of ladies. Can we have a mid-year ALT reunion (aka ALT San Francisco)?!?

  3. Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel

    What a great roundup! I love how you coordinated and categorized. They are beautiful! And that fashion week quote is from me! Whoop whoop! I am happy we were able to meet. I hate that it was so quick! Hopefully we can chat more this year and become besties! :)

  4. whitney

    Oh I’m so glad you told me the quote is from you! I just updated it. I knew I saw it somewhere cute!:) I’m SO happy we were able to meet – we should definitely chat more this year. besties here we come:)

  5. whitney

    I know!! That’s from the Cuisinerds gal – she had a four different cards with different sayings – i wish i remembered them all! they were so cute!

  6. Caroline

    Whitney – thanks so much for including clumsy crafty happy in your roundup! I still maintain you have some of the best hair I’ve ever seen! :) It was so lovely meeting you, and looking forward to keeping in touch!

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