Etsy Spotlight: Moorea Seal

February 18, 2013

I am such a lucky gal. I stumbled upon a group of pretty ladies at the Alt Summit Clue Party and made friends with a particular trio. One of these lovely ladies was Moorea Seal. Like many of the girls I met at Alt, we became fast friends, chatting about blogging, Pinterest, families, jewelry, tattoos and lots more. And then she gave me a pair of the fabulous earrings she sells in her Seattle-based Etsy shop and I about fell over. She is simply so kind. Here are some of my other faves from her shop!

PS – Get ready for a fun giveaway from the lovely ladies of Lydali tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Etsy Spotlight: Moorea Seal

  1. Moorea Seal

    Awww thank you for posting about me my sweet friend! I was just thinking about you yesterday and thinking, dang it I wish we lived in the same place! It’s so special when you’re able to connect so quickly to someone and that’s how I feel about you! Immediate friendship <3
    xo Moorea


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