How to Grow a Kumquat Tree

February 28, 2013

Almost exactly one year ago I bought my Mom a cute little kumquat tree for her birthday. I’m happy to report it’s alive and well – and producing one kumquat every couple of months! It’s still a small tree and grows one huge kumquat at a time, so they’re quite an exciting event. Look at the size of this thing! Here are a few tips on successfully growing a kumquat tree.

Lots of light. Keep your kumquat tree in a sunny window. If you’re planting outside, make sure it’s a full sun location protected from wind. If your area gets down to freezing temperatures, it’ll need to be covered with blankets and such. It might be a good idea to plant it in a container you can move and keep it inside in the winter months. Unless you live down south where it doesn’t get too cold.

Keep it watered. Kumquats like wet soil so water your tree about once a week and don’t let the soil dry out too much between watering.

Kumquat trees like sandy soil. Add some sand if your soil is too dense or clay-like. (We kept the soil that the tree came in from Williams Sonoma and it’s doing great.)

Prune any suckers that grow at the base of the trunk. These mini branches will never grow fruit and only take away nutrients from the rest of the tree.

Kumquats are the cutest little trees and great for a sunny, indoor spot. And they taste great! Sour, but great! Good luck!

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