On Evolving Style

February 6, 2013

One of the absolute best things I heard at Alt Summit was this quote – I know, I know, the panels and speakers were really fabulous, but this quote really hit me. Susan Peterson, of Freshly Picked moccasin fame, read this quote to a room full of stylish bloggers and you could feel its meaning wash over us. I know that my style is changing and love that it’s such a natural progression, and it’s okay that it starts out awful.

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3 thoughts on “On Evolving Style

  1. Valerie Erwin

    I loved the quote already, and then I read it was Ira Glass – too much! I saw him speak once at the Peace Center in Greenville and he had some great stuff to say, this proves that once again! So glad to see you’re pursuing and utilizing your creativity – I read your blog every now and then and can see your passion for and talent in it. Best of luck in all everything, Whitney!


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