The Deck, Before

February 21, 2013

 I’m really excited about the next house project that’s coming up this spring. We’re going to give our deck a little sprucing up with the help of The Home Depot! I’m thrilled to get to be a Style Challenge Blogger for Home Depot with the Patio Challenge 2013! Here’s the space we’ll be working on for the next month…

Isn’t it so blah right now?! I can’t wait to liven it up, hopefully just in time for the warm weather. With the help of The Home Depot, we’ll be enjoying a new outdoor space in no time!
Here’s what my Mom and I started sketching out – we were thinking about a sectional in this sketch (and building a set of stairs off the deck – whoa!) but we’re still pretty early in the planning stages, so all this will likely change. (And the sketch on the left is actually my BFF’s kitchen haha)
Obviously, right now, we have just a table with four chairs and a bunch of empty pots. I’m looking forward to a cozy place to sit and have a drink. And I love that looking out into the backyard really looks like we live in a treehouse. It’ll be a great place to sit and relax. (It’s the same view from my desk.)
Here’s the other side, looking toward the house. The open door straight ahead on the left where Birch is standing opens to the dining room and the french doors on the right open to the sunroom. 

I’ll be sure to post lots about our plans and Home Depot will show you the big reveal in about a month or so! Hooray! Are you guys thinking about updating your outdoor spaces too?

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