Custom Ironwork + A Shelf for the Kitchen

March 12, 2013

We’re moving along with the plans for the deck and we’ve created a few more projects (keep reading to see the most recent project) for our iron guy, Noah. (He makes this jewelry, too!) 
First, we had Noah create these 3ft tall iron thingys for string lights – I don’t know what to call them! We’re attaching them to the posts on the deck to elevate and add some height to the space. (The lights are already strung and they look great!) 
Next, we need an attractive “storage” area for purses and my grad school husband’s bookbags and work bags and laptop cases etc. We thought it could go here, in the photo below, in the transition area as you leave the kitchen and enter the dining area and family room. Mom and I brainstormed and searched the interwebs for a tall, thin, sleek, iron, or metal shelf and found nothing with the exact right measurements. 
So when you can’t find exactly what you need? Draw it and call the iron man, Noah. If you can dream it and draw it, Noah can make it! 
We thought about a couple of different options for shelves (probably thin granite like our nightstands) and how to strengthen the sides. We drew a few sketches like these and sent over it to Noah. We trust whatever Noah comes up with!

Thank you, Noah! I can’t wait to see how you make our silly little drawings come to life.

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