DIY Floral Easter Eggs

March 19, 2013

Is everyone getting ready for Easter in a couple weeks? Easter is one of those holidays (like all holidays for me, I think!) where I’m really looking forward to having kids around to be festive and do crafts and get in the holiday spirit. I’m doing Easter eggs this year by myself, but hopefully in the next few years we’ll have little sticky hands walking around the house getting mod podge on everything!
I really wanted to do some floral-inspired eggs, so I mod podged some flowers from my backyard onto plain white eggs. It was super easy, super sticky and super shiny! I used two variations of hellebores, pansies, and the purple flowers from my variegated vinca vine. Walk around at the park of your neighborhood and pick a bunch so you have plenty to choose from!
First, you want to find the flattest of the flowers you picked. Clip off the stem and any pollen tubes.
Next, use a paintbrush to coat the surface of your egg with mod podge, so the flower will stick to it.
Last, coat the flower in a layer of mod podge and wait for it to dry. The coating will be white when you paint it on, but will dry clear and shiny!
The gloss makes a really dramatic effect, I think! For the pansies or any thicker flower, you might want to put them in wax paper and slip them in the pages of a thick book to flatten it. I put my pansies in a big book for 24 hours and it was perfect.
Experiment with some different flowers (or ferns!) and see what you like best. I did families of blues and greens for our Easter eggs. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “DIY Floral Easter Eggs

  1. Katy Dennison

    Oh my gosh, this is SOOO AWESOME!! Beautiful, Whit! Are you going to keep them around for longer than Easter?

  2. Sarah

    I love this!!!! so easy and fun! Not only do you get to be crafty and decorate eggs, but it gets you out doors to collect the plants =)

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