DIY Marbleized Easter Eggs

March 21, 2013

I’ve got another Easter egg DIY for you this morning! I’ve seen a few marbleizing or marbleing (what do you call it?!) around the web lately, so I wanted to try it on my Easter eggs! I didn’t think it would work, but my mouth literally fell open when I stuck that first egg in the nail polishy water. So easy and such a great result!

First, gather your supplies. A bowl of water, assortment of nail polish colors, and eggs.
Then, drop a few drops of nail polish in the water. The first drop will literally disappear, no matter how big it is. I think it creates some sort of surface for the rest of the polish to stick to. (After you drop enough polish in the water, it gets too sticky and you have to start fresh.)
Once you’ve dropped enough polish in the water, you can see it start to merge with the other colors.
Take a toothpick and run it through the colors to create the marble look.
Tip: This is where it gets sticky, if you’ve done it a few times! After four sets of new polish, the water was too sticky and the toothpick would grab all the polish together in a clump rather than spreading it nicely.
Then you’re ready to dip your egg! Find the prettiest area of the polish and dip straight down. You’ve only got once chance for this part!

Don’t they look so great and glossy? I love them!

I experimented with different amounts of polish, the first one I did the most (on the left, out of focus) and it was a little too much, I think. Then toward the end I tried it with very little polish – not quite enough for the marble look but still a light and gorgeous, almost watercolored look.

You can marble just about anything! I also dipped some paper notes in, I’ll show you those next week. Happy Easter crafting, let me know if you marble your eggs this year!

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