DIY New Mom Kit

March 26, 2013

Our dear friends, Jay and Jeanette, had a baby girl last month and I wanted to make Jeanette a little basket of goodies to enjoy and make life easier as she transitions to being a mom! I used a tangerine box from the grocery store and spray-painted it pink, since they had a baby girl. Read on to see what I put in the box!
You can include the new mom’s favorite goodies: homemade banana bread, fancy water, a favorite chocolate bar, good smelling lotion, and I even included some of my homemade doggie treats incase their pups were feeling left out! I also made some little “coupons” to redeem for meals, errands, date nights, or anything the new mom might need! (I’ll show you how I used the marbleizing trick to make those!)
You can go anywhere with these kits, all you need is a basket or box to put some sweet, thoughtful items in! 

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